What Are the Best Tips for a Tooth Extraction Recovery?

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Your recovery time following a tooth extraction focuses heavily on planning. Be sure to set up an effective plan to care for your body and home during any situations that may arise. Furthermore, make sure to quit any bad habits, such as smoking, before and after the surgery to allow for the greatest chance of success and to minimize any risks that come along with tooth extractions.

Follow all instructions given by our dentists no matter how well you may feel. Even if you have plenty of energy and want to go run around the block or work out at a gym, you need to allow your body time to heal. Take plenty of rest to make sure that all of your body’s resources are being spent on your mouth’s recovery.

To prevent any complications with swelling that could arise, our dentists may prescribe medications to use or insist on the application of ice packs. Use all utensils as directed. If any pain or swelling continues to flare up, contact our dentists. As an added note, do not eat anything until the sedative wears off, or you could end up choking on your food.

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