Tartar Doesn’t Come Off By Itself – Trust Our Hygienist To Do It

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You can brush away plaque before it hardens into tartar, but allowing plaque to sit for 48 hours or longer ensures that it will stay on your teeth as tartar—also called dental calculus. It is nearly impossible to remove by yourself after that. Better to book an appointment with the dentist for a professional cleaning by the hygienist. That is the only way to properly remove tartar once it has calcified.

Brushing and flossing to remove the tartar after it has formed is useless. It’s like cement on your teeth. It’s too hard and needs to be scraped off with dental tools. You may even be thinking you could do-it-yourself with some dental instruments found online, but you’d be mistaken. First of all, don’t be suckered by those DIY dental kits because even if they are real (you’d pay a high price if they are) you will end up damaging your mouth and teeth trying to use them on yourself.
Our dental hygienist has gone to college and studied for at least two years to perform such a service. Some have advanced degrees beyond that. Certain techniques, specialized tools, abrasives and polishers are needed to do the job right. Best let her/him do it.

If you haven’t been in to visit the dentist for more than six months … What were you thinking?!! Make an appointment right away with Drs. Bennett and David Packard and our helpful team at Creekside Dental. Call us at: 509.577.8277, or come by our office in Yakima, Washington.