A Complete Denture Might Be Preferable to Dental Implant Restorations

The severe periodontal disease condition of periodontitis can gradually cause a reduction in healthy bone structure throughout your mouth. In the long course of time, this can weaken the roots of multiple teeth, or even lead to the complete loss of several teeth. The loss of bone structure might also prove prohibitive for restoring the missing teeth through multiple dental... read more »

What Are the Best Tips for a Tooth Extraction Recovery?

Your recovery time following a tooth extraction focuses heavily on planning. Be sure to set up an effective plan to care for your body and home during any situations that may arise. Furthermore, make sure to quit any bad habits, such as smoking, before and after the surgery to allow for the greatest chance of success and to minimize any... read more »

Dental Care through Time

Dentistry is one of the oldest medical professions. Dental care has changed drastically over the years, with most scientific developments occurring in the last few centuries. Dr. Packard, Dr. Packard, and our team at Creekside Dental are excited to explore the history of dentistry with you. The first text found documenting dentistry dates back to 5000 BC. Sumerians wrote that... read more »