Save a Damaged Smile with a Dental Crown

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Do you have a damaged smile? A damaged smile can occur in a variety of ways, including environmental factors, oral accidents, lack of effective oral health care habits, and even genetics. Fortunately, there are services designed to treat damaged smiles and turn them into oral health care showcases.

Dental crowns are protective encasings used to cover and conceal damaged teeth to fill out gaps and complete your smile. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Do you have any broken teeth that are split or cracked?
– Do you have any tooth irregularities?
– Do you have any teeth that are at high risk for tooth decay?
– Do you want a better smile that is fuller and brighter?
– Has it been longer than six months since your oral exam at Creekside Dental?
– Do you have weak teeth that are damaged or frayed?
– Do you have any dental bridges or dental implants you wish to cover?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, dental crowns custom-fitted by Creekside Dental could be the treatment you are looking for. To schedule an oral exam with Dr. Bennett Packard, please contact our office at 509.577.8277. Our office is in Yakima, Washington. Come in today and make your smile great for tomorrow!