Maintain a Happy Smile with Dental Damage Avoidance

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Did you know that damage to your teeth and gums is just as likely to arise from non-edible sources as it is from the sweets and treats you eat? Although brushing and flossing daily is extremely important to protect your smile against the dangers of harmful foods and drinks, there are numerous other hazards and risks you need to be aware of.

Mouth jewelry is a known hazard to your oral health due to the numerous ailments that can arise. If you wear any lip or tongue rings, it can result in severe oral accidents including infections, lacerations, nerve damage, cracked teeth, choking, oral inflammation, and potential tooth loss.

Sports are a known cause of numerous injuries. This includes injuries to your mouth. If you’re involved in any sort of sport that involves contact, wear safety gear. This includes mouth guards, face mask, and helmets.

Avoid bad habits that are known to harm your oral health. This includes smoking and chewing tobacco, as well as using drugs. Most bad habits are known for leading to immediate oral health ailments including bad breath and stained teeth. However, over the long term, they can also lead to irreversible tooth decay, severe infections, tooth loss, and cancer.

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