How Dentures Can Help You

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The main way dentures can help is by replacing teeth that have gone missing. While replacing teeth seems relatively simple, it can actually go a long way in helping us. Missing teeth can affect our appearance and natural abilities more than you might think, but restoring them with a set of dentures can reverse those effects.

Teeth can be important not just for eating but for speaking as well. Even one missing tooth can alter how we eat and speak, though not for the better. Fortunately, dentures can fix the problem we can eat and speak more easily again.

Teeth can also affect the look of our faces. Facial muscles use the teeth for some support. The support wanes when teeth get lost, and this can cause facial muscles to sink down a bit. This can sometimes make us look older than we actually are. The dentures can support the muscles in place of the missing teeth so our natural appearances can be maintained.

If you would like to try dentures to replace any missing teeth, feel free to call Creekside Dental in Yakima, Washington, by dialing 509.577.8277. You can learn more about dentures by talking with one of our dentists, Dr. Bennett Packard. Our dentists can also help you learn if another option may be more helpful for you. Our goal is serve you however you need.