Find out if Cosmetic Bonding Is the Right Choice for You

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Have you wondered what to do about your chipped, discolored, or damaged teeth? Well, you may not need to wonder anymore! If you have cosmetic problems with your teeth that you would like to correct, cosmetic bonding may be the correct choice. The great thing about bonding is that it is a relatively easy procedure to perform and can be done in just one visit to the dentist.

At Creekside Dental in Yakima, Washington, we pride ourselves on providing quality service to all of our clients. Dr. Bennett Packard, our dentists, are well trained in a variety of cosmetic procedures and are here to help you determine if bonding could be the right procedure on your journey to obtaining the beautiful smile you desire.

When compared to some of the alternative cosmetic dental procedures like veneers, tooth bonding is convenient because no manufactured or customized mold is required to achieve the proper fit for your teeth. The only downside cosmetic bonding is that it does not last as long as veneers, but they can still last for up to 10 years successfully.

It is important to remember, though, that in order to preserve the composite resin that is applied during the bonding procedure, you must take proper care of your teeth. This includes avoiding hard candies, ice cubes and nail-biting as these can chip the composite material and make it necessary to repeat the procedure sooner.

For more information about cosmetic bonding, call us at 509.577.8277 to schedule an appointment or consultation with a member of our friendly team. We are here to help with all your oral health care needs and are excited for your next visit to our office.