Dental Veneers Can Effectively Enhance Your Smile’s Appearance

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Your smile appears, to some degree, in many of your major facial expressions. Problems with chronic dental stains, chipped teeth, or other physical defects can cause you to guard your smile, and send mixed messages in nonverbal communication.

In a situation like this, you might want to consider scheduling a cosmetic dentistry consultation with a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Bennett Packard.

In some of these cases they might recommend installing a porcelain dental veneer onto each tooth that appears in your smile. They are created from a special type of dental grade porcelain that can be shaded to look like gleaming white tooth enamel.

If one of your teeth has been compromised by a significant physical defect, or it has an existing cavity or dental filling they might recommend restoring it with a porcelain dental crown. This will completely replace the tooth’s original enamel layer with a similar dental grade porcelain material.

A second appointment will be needed to install the dental veneers and any necessary dental crowns. Dr. Bennett Packard will then cement the dental work into place with a strong dental adhesive to enhance your smile’s appearance for many years to come.

If you live in the Yakima, Washington, area and your smile needs cosmetic restoration, you should call 509.577.8277 to set up a consultation appointment at Creekside Dental.