Brighten Your Smile with Effective Teeth Whitening Systems

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Not all tooth whiteners are created equally, with many products failing to live up to the potential derived from them. In some cases, the products are not capable of delivering the results intended or will deliver results that are not intended, including bleached gums or damaged enamel. Before taking any teeth whitening product, make sure it has first been approved by your dentist.

For safe and reliable treatments, professional teeth whitening systems can be given directly at the dentist office. When getting a professional tooth whitening,, the gel trays will be custom fitted to your smile to ensure the best possible fit. This will ensure the product will produce maximum results. In some cases, you can whiten your teeth by over ten shades with a single professional tooth whitener.

If you wish to supplement your oral care with additional teeth whitening treatments, your dentist may give you teeth whitening kits for at-home use. Oftentimes, these are for touchups. The products used in at-home kits are guaranteed to be safe and effective and are much more reliable than the potential unknown effects that store-bought versions may contain.

You can schedule a professional tooth whitening treatment at Creekside Dental in Yakima, Washington, with Dr. Bennett Packard by calling our dentist office at 509.577.8277. A whiter smile is your first step to a brighter, healthier lifestyle that can improve your life for many years to come.