Be Sure to Brush and Floss Your New Dental Crown

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The new dental crown installed in your mouth at Creekside Dental represents a significant investment in restoring your severely compromised tooth. Most dental crowns are made from special dental materials that will not be susceptible to cavities. Yet your new dental crown will still need to be included in your daily oral hygiene regimen.  

If you fail to brush your teeth each morning and evening or you sometimes forget to floss at least once per day, bacterial deposits and plaque could harden into tartar. This could affect the general health of your gums.

As time goes on complications from chronic gum disease could cause your gumline to recede from the base of your teeth. As this continues to progress small pockets of infection can build up near the root of the abutment that anchors your dental crown.

The most severe form of gum disease, which is known as periodontitis, can eventually cause a loss of bone structure in your jaw, which could result in the total loss of the tooth’s root.

Your dental checkups at Creekside Dental also include a professional dental cleaning which will fully remove all traces of tartar. If our dentists, Dr. Bennett Packard and Dr. David Packard find an area of concern they can help you understand your treatment or preventive care options.

If you are in the Yakima, Washington area and you have questions or oral hygiene concerns you should call 509.577.8277 to schedule a dental checkup at Creekside Dental.