A Complete Denture Might Be Preferable to Dental Implant Restorations

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The severe periodontal disease condition of periodontitis can gradually cause a reduction in healthy bone structure throughout your mouth. In the long course of time, this can weaken the roots of multiple teeth, or even lead to the complete loss of several teeth.

The loss of bone structure might also prove prohibitive for restoring the missing teeth through multiple dental implant restorations. This could call for several oral surgeries to install bone grafts, and a prolonged healing time before the dental implants and implanted-supported dental bridges can be installed.

To effectively restore a mouth in this condition, Drs. Bennett and Packard might recommend extracting whatever remains of your existing teeth to start the process of fitting you for a complete denture. Once this is done, your gums will be sutured and our dentists will likely provide you with a prescription for anti-inflammatory or pain medication.

Our dentists will prepare an impression of your gum structure. It will be sent to a dental lab to serve as a guide for the dental technicians who will create your dentures.

Your new denture will perfectly match the unique shape of your mouth. However, you might still want to apply a small amount of denture adhesive to lock the dental appliance in place while also helping to prevent stray food particles from invading the base.

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